Just Visiting Petersham

Cathy Abbot, from Lexington, Mass. and Melanie Gajda, from Woodbury, CT, visiting Petersham Quabbin Gate 35, September 2002

Liam D, age 7, from Lincoln, Mass., visiting North Common Meadow - October 13, 2002



M. Said Kia from Paris, France meets Ralph, the DogWatch Dog.
Mr. Kia, who offers antiques for sale through Les Antiquities Parisienne, our virtual antique shop,  brought Roquefort and Baguettes and went home with a loaf of Raisin Bread from the Petersham Bread Company. We figure that's a fair trade. He lunched at Quabbin Woods, had ice cream at the country store and saw Brown's Pond, the Farm School in Athol and other sights. He was visiting with other friends, Jack and Wendy Rogers, in Bolton as well.

People come here from all over, it seems. That's OK. Sometimes they show us ourselves in new ways.
Send pictures, (small .jpgs, please) if you like. We'll put them here. Please include information like name and wherefrom.