A Privacy Statement

September 4, 2002

We don't tell anybody anything.

We don't sell lists of names or lists of  e-mail addresses to anybody.

And we consider our outgoing messages to be of value. So we send them to one person at a time because we think they might want to know what we have to tell them.

If you never want to hear from us by e-mail again, send us one and we'll try our best to make that happen.

We make a fair attempt to gather information that might be interesting to you and about what's going on in our community. And we are always looking for useful and interesting links to other places because the community of information is a community for everybody everyplace.

If you live here or have an interest in the area and want your e-mail address listed in our directory of e-mail addresses, say so and we'll include you.

The same goes for the free listings in the directory of businesses and services.

While this web site is mainly interested in Petersham people, places and events, we will include content from all over the place, including ads from  businesses around the area, the state and the world, if possible, that think you should be aware of their services.

As far as News and Notes goes, it's mainly about up-coming local events. If it gets deeper or more heated than that, we'll do our best to provide equal attention and equal time to all sides and maybe hunt down an expert or two in the bargain.

If you find a mistake or a broken link, tell me. I'll fess up and fix it.

I hope that's all perfectly clear.  Thank you for visiting and thank you for your time and interest.

I also hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to let me know -- whatever you think.


Now go BACK and poke around. Things are always changing here.