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Donbeck sells the tools and parts that
keep heavy machinery working.

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tom hardyIn 1989, Tom Harty loaded an assortment of tools and fasteners into the back of his pickup truck and drove off to make his first sales call.

 "I went to the Heath Highway Department. When I got there, I told the guy I was a salesman and he asked me what I was selling.

Tools - Fasteners - Nuts and Bolts - Vises -  Cable Ties - Air Hoses - Blades for Milwaukee Tools - Wrenches of all sizes.
Drill bits up to 1.5 inches. Clamps.

"He came out to the truck to look." He told Harty his prices were better than from his current supplier and bought some. "I still call on Heath," Harty said. "We supply highway departments."

Today, Harty and daughter Kathleen operate Donbeck Sales from their third location, a steel-frame building at 17 New Athol Road in Orange. "We created a niche that we could serve and branched out from there. People come here looking for things they cannot find anywhere else," Harty said.

The company supplies what otherwise would be hard to find items for loggers, farmers, heavy equipment operators and highway departments.